best people.

  • Tan Qing Hui
    Senior Finance

    Teckwah is not afraid to evolve, invest or make bold steps to continuously improve ourselves. Our Chairman has always had the vision to take the company further and we are constantly planning ahead to see...Read more

  • Patrick Kam
    Technology and
    Productivity Director

    As far as where Teckwah is heading, we are always looking for excellence and the best ways to conduct our businesses, with the right approach and attitude. These, in my humble opinion, reflect us as a for...Read more

  • Christina Neo
    Senior Business
    Operations Manager

    Teckwah is a culturally warm company. We can interact with top management, between divisions we support each other to make decisions quickly and efficiently. We also show our appreciation to each other wi...Read more

  • Fanszy Chiew
    Senior Human
    Resource Executive

    Teckwah is a family beyond home. We foster a strong culture of teamwork, initiative, commitment and continuous improvement. Even when the going gets tough, we work collectively to face the challenges and ...Read more

  • Calvin Ong
    Sourcing &
    Purchasing Manager

    This is the one place where I really get to experience everything through job rotations, overseas exposures and the roles I take; from programme administration to IT to business development that brought m...Read more

  • Sherlin Lee
    Business Operations

    I think it's good to have challenging job assignments to stay interested in your job so you don't feel stagnant. New opportunities and challenges keep me excited. I’m always finding better ways to communi...Read more

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