Our Promise

A Forward-looking Enterprise

Teckwah is a firmly established leading service provider of customised supply chain management services. We are a forward-looking enterprise that aims to create value to stakeholders including customers, shareholders, staff and community.

In our journey towards continuous excellence, Teckwah has adopted the Business Excellence Framework and has since been conferred the prestigious Singapore Quality Award. It is the convergence of our oriental roots, grounded in our core values, with our professional business management standards, that is responsible for our exponential growth and transformation from a small, local enterprise to a group of companies with growing global presence.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and have adopted a process that identifies, assesses and manages all Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health (QuESH) risks associated with our activities, products and services.

At Teckwah, we build and nurture our relationships with one another based on trust and mutual respect. Our employees demonstrate agility, a strong passion to contribute and sense of ownership while working symbiotically to achieve our common goals. Our customers value our focus on integrity, commitment to quality, innovativeness and a solution-oriented approach in meeting their needs.

Teckwah fosters a supportive work environment with people-oriented practices that enable us to ‘groom, grow and gear‘ our employees and help fulfil their current and future aspirations. We are dedicated to equipping our people with the necessary skills to grow together with Teckwah.

Our targeted learning & development approach, challenging job assignments, exposure to a wide spectrum of business units and functions across our global footprint as well as the flexibility and empowerment to plan and implement your ideas are what make working at Teckwah an enriching experience.