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We care – For our Employees, Business Partners, the Community and the Environment

"Sustainable practices are incorporated into our value chain, ensuring our products are made responsibly and without trade-offs in performance, quality or value." 

Thomas Chua, Chairman & Managing Director

Teckwah strongly believes in creating shared value for all its stakeholders through sustainable business practices. Our sustainability vision is to be known as a responsible corporate citizen, constantly aiming to reduce the negative environmental impact and increasing positive social impact. Our Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with the new GRI Standards: Core option and is in line with the Singapore Exchange's (SGX) new requirements on sustainability reporting. Our report presents our annual sustainability performance and approach towards responsible growth in collaboration with our key stakeholders. We have identified, prioritised and addressed the material Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors and defined Sustainability Targets for 2020, which we aim to continuously monitor in the coming years.

For details on our sustainability performance, please refer to the Sustainability Report below.


SR 2020


SR 2019


SR 2018


SR 2017