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A Tribute to Our Founder

Remembering Our Founder, The Late Mr Chua Seng Tek

Mr Chua Seng Tek, Founder of Teckwah, established Teck Wah Seng Kee in 1968, with the simple purpose of providing a better life for his large family. Then, the company was a backyard start-up, producing plain paper boxes.

Mr Chua was the pacesetter of the company, leading by example and exemplifying the values of teamwork, initiative, commitment and continuous improvement - the 4 core values of Teckwah today. He emphasised on product quality, precision and exquisiteness, while stressing upon process accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness. Though he was firm in his management, he treated his employees with fairness and benevolence. He strongly believed in "共荣", ensuring all Teckwahers belong, and enjoy a share of the fruits of labour which they have been a part of.

Mr Chua passed away peacefully on 20 July, 2015. He was 89. It was a time of great sadness and bereavement. And while we mourn the loss, we should also celebrate the achievements he had made, the many lives he had touched, and the great man that he had become. As his eldest son, our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Chua Kee Seng, so aptly put forth, "The best way to pay tribute to our Founder, is to continue living his dream and work hard together to bring Teckwah to greater heights."