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Chairman's Message

"During the past financial year, we accomplished a number of corporate milestones in our effort to expand beyond our traditional markets and geographical areas. We also garnered several industry and customer accolades for our digital transformation and innovative and creative initiatives. We have taken further concrete steps towards transforming the Group into one truly equipped and ready for future technologies, new business ventures and greater opportunities. Our investments in both hardware and software and most importantly, in our people, continued unabated despite the weakened external conditions. One very significant development during the past year was an extension of our business capabilities into the Lifestyle segment with the acquisition of Profoto Digital Services Pte Ltd, an established provider of large format printing and creative project management solutions to a wide range of customers, including some of the largest and renowned names in the beauty, fragrance and fashion industries.


2020 will be a difficult year. The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken an incalculable toll in terms of human lives and economic impact globally. Furthermore, there are other existing downsides to the global economy, among them, the unresolved US-China trade dispute and Middle East tensions. We will not be spared the negative economic impacts from these adversities. Nevertheless, we will continue to enhance our solutions and services, increase our capabilities, upskill and retrain our staff, extend our value chain and pursue new markets. While the immediate road ahead may be challenging, with unity of purpose, mutual support for each other and a single-minded determination, we can forge an even brighter future for our Group."

Thomas Chua
Chairman and Managing Director
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd