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Aftermarket Logistics

Helping brands extend their post-sales commitment to their customers and the Environment.

Whether to improve post-sales service levels or to enable proper management of used product, our unrivalled suite of aftermarket offerings protects both the Environment and brand equity. Strengthened by collaborative technology and a growing network, Teckwah achieves both commercial and sustainable outcomes.

Service Parts Logistics (4S Solutions)

Service Management

Leveraging on our ground connectivity and localised expertise, we offer aftermarket customer support of your branded products.

Strategic Inventory

Cost-efficient inventory management that reduces holding costs while creating value for your business.

Storage Management

Secured management of your assets at all touchpoints under certified and licensed storage premises.

Shipment Management

Eliminate complexity with our expertise with full visibility of your orders and shipments, real-time, on-the-go, and carrier-neutral across Asia Pacific.

Reverse Logistics (4R Solutions)

Returns Management

Providing utmost care for your returned used equipment with our multi-partner, multi-country coordination expertise, as well as secured and certified warehousing facilities to receive, screen and evaluate.


From Asset Recovery solutions to our repair and refurbishment expertise, we recondition, renew and restore used equipment in adherence to brand owner standards and sustainable practices.


Solutions that meets equipment “reuse” objectives while protecting brand equity and creating renewed value and purpose.

Recycling Management

Fully-compliant and sustainable disposal management of non-reusable parts; strengthened by multi-partner coordination with outsourced logistics and recycling agents.

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