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50th Anniversary

About the Logo

The logo comprises three elements. At the heart of the logo is a solid ‘0’, which represents Teckwah Group’s strong foundation built up over the years from its humble beginning as a carton box maker, to our position as the region’s leading supply chain management services provider today. The dark red tone represents our passion, strength and dynamism.

The 2nd element, the number 5, blends in with the foundation mark of ‘0’, forming 50, as we count down to the Group’s 50th year since our founding. The corporate red tone reinforces and unites all Teckwahers together.

The 3rd element is the spiral symbol of our corporate logo, and is a hallmark of our brand, heritage and culture. It represents Teckwah’s philosophy of Change versus Unchange; rooted in the solid foundation yet fluid in movement, the spiraling effect symbolises the Company’s adaptability towards external forces, and our efforts for continuous improvement. The uplifting yellow tone represents positivity and energy, and a Teckwah team that is bold, forward-looking, and ready for the future.

TW50 Event Highlights

Check out our 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner video highlights and TW50 eCommemorative Book.

Click on the image below to view the TW50 eCommemorative Book.