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Turnkey Kitting & Co-packing

Do you want to set yourself free – free from areas of your business that take you away from product development? Do you want to focus on your core business to achieve greater customer engagement and drive better commercial outcomes? If you’ve ticked all the boxes, then we are the right fit for you!

We recognise that you are the experts in what you do. Recognise that that’s what we are when it comes to kitting and co-packing.

What do we offer? What you require!

Our customised services are tailored to your business models. We provide sophisticated end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing services such as sourcing and procurement, kitting and assembly, vendor management and more. We believe that solutions must be unchained, on-demand, interactive and integrated. With our G.A.L.S (Glocal Access Local Supply) global network, on-the-ground experience, you will be able to get your products into the global market place smoothly and quickly. Our extended value-add is to help you manoeuver the complexity of logistics, geography and cultures. We simplify, demystify and most of all deliver!

Software Turnkey

Whether you are in the security, productivity, gaming or entertainment software business, we have the solutions. End-to-end coverage from order management and production, to delivery and fulfilment are guaranteed.

In an age where security breaches could have catastrophic business and financial consequences, we take all and every precaution to protect customer’s data and intellectual property. Data linked to our customers’ databases and serial key generation systems are secured digitally and physically with access controls.
We understand that manufacturing processes leave no room for mistakes or missteps. Our processes involve step-by-step verification of the controlled items that make up your finished product, ensuring the highest level of consistency and quality.
As a partner for your turnkey needs, we truly work with you, for you and beside you, to source, produce and deliver your products in packages deserving of your brand promise.

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Hardware Turnkey

Give us your specifications, configurations and schedule and leave the rest to us. We handle the most elaborate set-ups with ease, without compromise on quality or consistency. Our customers are assured of error minimisation as we scan individual components and conduct error checking at every stage of the manual or automated assembly process.

We invest in the latest technology to drive efficient manufacturing and to create added value for our customers. To meet the demands of different market sectors, we can deliver build-to-stock (BTS), build-to-order (BTO) and postponement systems for optimal efficiency.

As a single destination for brands, our promise extends beyond the actual manufacturing to sourcing and purchasing. Let us take care of procurement and purchasing activities of raw materials and components from vendor lists according to your demand forecast. After all, in our hands, everything is made simpler for you.

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With our breadth and depth of competencies in packing, we possess the capabilities to undertake outsourced co-packing for companies who have small-lot country-specific configurations which require much customisation and are difficult to manage on-line in plants.

Never compromising on your standards, we conform to customer-approved procedures and stringent controls. All our work is carried out within a secured and controlled environment which meets current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements. Let us take care of your specific co-packing needs to give you the time and space to focus on the big picture.

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