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Service Part Logistics

Do you want to minimise carrying costs while ensuring that your requirements for spare parts and in particular mission critical parts are never at vulnerable levels? Do you want to focus on your business and let someone else take care of important but lower value-add operations such as inventory management? We are your answer.

Our service parts logistics, simply known as 4S Solutions, optimise inventory and stock management. We offer automated warehousing, shipment and management of inventory assets as well as end-to-end support of your valuable customers.

Service Management

You will never again be daunted by having to negotiate through a maze of different languages, cultures and legal systems to provide effective customer service. Talk to our experts who will customise solutions for your needs.

We invest in regional business networks, harness our logistics management capabilities and leverage on the latest in information technology because we know that these come together to provide competitive solutions for our customers. Our distributed call centres provide in-country customer services throughout Asia Pacific, resulting in significant benefits for our customers from many local perspectives; language and culture, regulatory perks and controls, and low cost operations.

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Strategic Inventory

A strategic inventory programme achieves cost-efficient inventory management; inventory is minimised yet product delivery reliability is maintained. We have the solutions to achieve this. Through our unique business model and strategic planning, our effective vendor-managed-inventory solution helps lower your holding costs and ultimately reap greater returns to your organisation.

Our leading-edge monitoring systems accurately forecast stock patterns and demand forecasts to minimise inventory risk. The best part is that we are able to integrate with your systems to ensure a seamless working partnership.

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Storage Management

Short of space and needing a safe place where your goods are protected 24/7? We cater to the specific warehousing management needs of our customers. Be assured that your goods are in safe hands through our well-designed material handling procedures and optimal material work flow.

All our warehouse facilities are environmentally controlled and monitored by security system that ensures highly accurate and efficient inventory control.

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Shipment Management

Everyone needs their products delivered yesterday. The race to bring assets to market is always on. Lack of speed and convoluted processing can hold you back and cost you vital lead time. Let us simplify the complex issues and manage things for you.

With our significant footprint in Asia Pacific, you are assured end-to-end logistics coordination and supervision. Most importantly, you always have an eye on your assets with our sophisticated web-based tracking of shipments.

Our regional distribution hub solutions include Critical Service Parts Logistics or Mission Critical Spares Logistics, such as Next Flight Out (NFO) and Hand Carry Services to give you unparalleled solutions for your shipment needs.

“Asia. Anywhere. Anytime” is what we say! We are the experts in this area. Leave it to us to take it from here.

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