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Reverse Logistics

Do you want to drive incremental value and keep your customers close to you by providing top-notch after-market service? We know you do because you value your customers, just as we value ours.

Have you struggled to realise incremental values in your product which could add to your bottomline? Reverse logistics processes are vital in recovering your product value as well as fulfilling your environmentally conscious responsibilities. These ultimately drive brand value. Make us a part of your team and let us take responsibility for you.

Our full suite of aftermarket care solutions and services is manifested in our 4R Solutions. We ensure end-to-end management and traceability of your products at all times along the Reverse Supply Chain.

Return Management

Ease of product returns is part and parcel of the positive customer experience. We support your salient aftermarket care solutions and services, such as warranty support, new equipment demonstration, and product recalls.

Your equipment is collected via established logistics channels and securely stored in well-guarded warehouse facilities. Always going beyond the expected, we receive, screen, and evaluate the returned equipment with processes designed to detect copyright infringements of your products.



Our extensive aftermarket care solutions extend to Asset Recovery, through repair and refurbishment services.

Refurbishment is about transforming older or returned assets to their original condition. Some customers require simple reconditioning targeting at low-cost segments while others prefer complete enhancement to recover higher product values from the used products. We have expertise to do both

Our refurbishment process includes:

  • improving the cosmetic appearance of your products
  • intensively cleaning internal components
  • replacing defective parts
  • upgrading firmware

Adhering to excellence in all areas of our work, your refurbished/repaired equipment is subject to stringent tests complying with your requirements. We are proud to always provide “gold” quality standards before reintroducing any product into the market.

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Create new value for your products and enhance your brand equity with our full spectrum of after-market customer support services. These extend to remarketing refurbished products to facilitate a whole new product life cycle. Besides meeting “reuse” objectives, we ensure full compliance to all processes, product control guidelines and global green efforts.



In a global explosion of waste material, we are all seeking to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability through waste reduction. Recovery and recycling of valuable products drive incremental value and enhance brand equity in addition to saving the planet.

We can help you optimise these activities by managing the recovery of good parts ready for reuse and the proper disposal of non-reusable items beyond economic repair. Collaborating with you and appointed recycling agents and executing operations according to your sound disposal policies we can achieve a more holistic approach to logistics and supply chain management. And in the process, help the environment!