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Print & Pack Solutions

Unsurpassed global access through our local supply - Everything is simple because we make it so!

What can we do for you? Everything to make things simple. We establish relationships and forge partnerships with you and with print partners and suppliers. We give you a one-stop service that seamlessly incorporates your design needs, packaging specifications, material requirements and printing choice. Revolutionising print and packaging, we go beyond the conventional to make your products stand out!

With us on board, you never need to worry about your products’ journey from start to finish. We offer bi-directional interfaces, integrating all important IT systems from suppliers and forwarders. You have complete visibility of inventory and processes ensuring that your products are brought to market in a timely and cost-effective manner, shortening time to market and lowering barriers to entry.


Need to break free from traditional ideas and deliver that “X” factor in your packaging? We are the partner for you. Our award winning in-house structure design team will deliver on all fronts – from deftly handling diverse media to expertly using the latest computer-aided-design (CAD) software, we will make even the seemingly impossible possible.

We NEVER adopt a cookie cutter approach! We start with understanding your product and business through a comprehensive situation analysis that assesses the entire work flow. We meticulously craft designs always with the end user in mind with an eye on ease of use, aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility. We understand your business and the need to communicate to your customers in the best way visually and practically possible.

So sit back and relax – let us do the rest.

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Want something different that stands out, astonishes or amazes? We’ve done it before with printing techniques such as flexo, offset or gravure. Short of space or time? Our on-demand printing caters for just those sort situations. Tired of paper? Don’t be shy to ask us about other media available to customise the way you present you products and ultimately yourself. Just as you want to engage your customers, we want to engage you. Open up a world of possibilities with our solutions.

With printing and packaging facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and other parts of the region, you can be assured that we have the optimal cost model for you. We never compromise on standards with fully-equipped, state-of-the art facilities and a leading-edge fleet of printing press in our stable.

With our expertise in all methods of print, you can be assured of a great result every time!

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