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The Environment is Our Responsibility

As our operations have an impact on the environment and public at large, we are committed to processes that will identify, assess and manage all Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health (QuESH) risks associated with our activities, products and services. We are also committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations.

We have established the Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health Management System (QuESHMS) which is another manifestation of our focus on business excellence and continual improvement. We are committed to:

  • complying with relevant legislation and regulations and conforming to other requirements;
  • setting clear and measurable objectives to ensure customer satisfaction, and the prevention of pollution and safety and health risks;
  • achieving continual improvement in QuESH performance;
  • communicating with interested parties and providing adequate training to all employees on their roles and responsibilities of QuESHMS;
  • ensuring that QuESHMS always constitutes an essential element of our corporate governance by defining roles, responsibilities and authorities.

We are the first company in the private sector to achieve the Singapore Standard for Business Continuity Management.

And we were also recognised for our commitment towards environmental protection.