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Chairman's Message

" Our relevance in the future will depend very much on the direction that we take. Singapore has mapped out the strategies to be an economic force of the future. We would do well to pay heed to these strategies as they reflect the trends that are driving markets. They are as pertinent to the nation as they are to businesses. Internationalisation, digitalisation, rejuvenation and deepening capabilities are some of the our focus areas which are in line with broad national strategy. We will continue to pursue these areas, strengthening our position in the supply chain and seeking new upstream activities to widen our revenue sources."

" In this age of connectivity, we cannot afford to adopt an ostrich mentality. We have to be aware of geopolitical events and economic policies that shape the global landscape, China’s “One Belt One Road”, the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (“AEC”), growing protectionism and ever-disruptive technologies are factors we have to be mindful of in order to accurately calibrate our next course of action. With an open mindset and an adaptable disposition, we will be able to out-pace the competition in the next 50 years and beyond."

Thomas Chua
Chairman and Managing Director
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd