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Chairman's Message

"Just as it is necessary to be healthy inside and out, it is vital for an organisation to maintain a strong core. A robust structure built on a good foundation can withstand an immense amount of pressure; a weak one will buckle under the slightest force.

The fundamentals that we have identified as being important for us are a shared common destiny, leadership capability, core competencies, good human resource management, business processes and interface, and employee satisfaction. I am thus very encouraged about Teckwah’s future given the results of our latest Organisation Capability Survey conducted among our Singapore staff which demonstrated that the ratings among our employees on all these areas went up significantly as compared to the previous survey undertaken some years ago. The employee ratings with respect to common destiny demonstrated the highest increase. It highlights that we are all moving in the same direction to achieve the common goal of the Group.

With the right mindset, equipped with the necessary skills and led by a clear strategy embraced by everyone in the organisation, there is no reason why we should not succeed even though external conditions may be challenging.  "

Thomas Chua
Chairman and Managing Director
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd