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Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 : We’re there from the start

    We have cultivated a close client relationship for over 25 years, forging a delightful partnership that has helped them in cost savings management, material usage effectiveness and recycling for waste reduction. Our relationship commenced from the conception of the product development stage. Our concept and design for the packaging had to take into consideration the client’s manufacturing and assembly-line requirements as well as other specifications further along the entire supply chain. We have been involved in the manufacturing stages, providing material re-engineering services – which have transitioned them progressively from pulp trays to corrugated partitions - and solutions on printing set-up and layout.

    Partners through to the finish

    Our collaboration on JIT delivery, following Kanban requirements for lean and JIT productions, has complemented their production strategies of eliminating excess inventory and reducing carrying costs to a minimum. It has helped in reducing and rationalising space requirements for the entire manufacturing process.

    1. From ship to stock to ship to belt (zero inventory)
    2. 1 stop packaging bundle requirements – 1 PO covers all products e.g. inserts, partitions, packaging boxes, shipper cartons, etc

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  • Case Study 2 : Packaged For Outstanding Brand Value

    We believe that continual investment in product innovation and design is the key to improving the efficiency and visual impact of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. This ultimately improves the consumer experience and enhances the brand value of the company.

    We are proud to have collaborated with a leading pharmaceutical company on their packaging needs. Stretching 14 years, the continuous communication, interaction and deep partnership has seen us re-look, redesign and rediscover the power of packaging for their business and commercial needs. From packaging to pouch cartons, using our state-of-the-art printing capabilities for inserts and can lid stickers, we have created design concepts and pushed our innovation factor to the limit.

    Our services encompassed co-packing. With a comprehensive co-packing system which meets stringent client specifications and prevailing Good Manufacturing Practices requirements as part of our competencies, we were able to replicate our co-packing business model across regions, meeting the specifications and configurations of the individual countries in which the client might operate.

    With local customisation in specific markets and for specific periods, we ensured that the packaging supported, sustained and drove the brand value and positioning of the company.

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  • Case Study 3 : Pan Asia Pacific Mission Critical Spares Fulfilment and Optimisation

    Mission Critical Service Parts Operations to the Rescue

    Our customer is the global leader in Information Technology Data Storage. Through their products and services, they provide solutions to manage, store and protect their customers’ information.

    With the prevalence of information that is easily accessible, products that facilitate the transmission of information is highly important to the provider. Crippling of information might lead to dire consequences. Hence, mission critical services are very crucial in ensuring the continuity of the customer’s end customer businesses.

    We effectively support the Mission Critical Service Parts Operations of our customer in 18 countries across Asia Pacific, from remote locations like Urumqi in the North to populous locations like Mumbai in the West. Our mission critical spares management for delivery is in 2 to 4 hours within 60km in a city, anywhere and anytime in Asia, including hand carry services.

    Since 1996, we have been consistent in achieving Key Performance Indicators targets. Throughout the years, in collaboration with our customer, we have materialised several continuous improvement efforts for the operations. Our operations have grown in tandem with our customer’s through our customised solutions and flexibility in meeting their stringent new requirements. Our efforts have been recognised by our customer, who has conferred on us a perfect score for each of our Customer Satisfaction Surveys which is done bi-annually.

    As of June 2014, we have a presence in 72 cities across Asia, including China, India, Korea, Australia and ASEAN. Within each country, we have a closely knitted network of sub-hubs and satellite warehouses that seek to fulfil our commitment to our customer. Together with our in-house developed warehouse management system, we provide real-time total on-line supply chain visibility anytime, worldwide.

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  • Case Study 4 : Regional In-country Demonstration Equipment Management and Refurbishment

    Reverse Logistics at the Heart of a Successful Partnership

    Our customer is a global High-Tech and Electronics Leader ranked in the Top 20 of Fortune 500 in 2013, providing solutions and services to consumers, businesses and enterprises.

    Spanning five countries in Asia, namely Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China, we provide a comprehensive suite of reverse logistics services covering Demo Equipment Pool Management, Repair and Refurbishment, Component Inspection, and Finished-Goods Packaging.

    With our comprehensive knowledge in engineering and reverse logistics, we helped our customer to manage their request and refurbishment procedures. Together, we keep track of the demo equipment and provide necessary information to them.

    Since 2003, we have forged a successful partnership to achieve substantial cost savings and customer satisfaction. Yearly Key Performance Indicators showed a minimum of 10% output increase and improved turn-around time.

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  • Case Study 5 : Regional Distribution with Consolidated Operations for RMA and Service Parts Management

    Value-adding to our Client by Servicing Theirs

    Armed with our fully integrated system and an expert team, we were able to fulfil the challenging requirements of fast moving consumer electronics products as demonstrated by our partnership with a customer of seven years.

    Our customer is a leading Japanese visual, consumer products and computer manufacturer who strives to create a higher quality of life for everyone.

    With operations headquartered in Singapore, we commenced collaboration with them in the consolidated Return Material Authorisation (RMA) - and service parts operations for PC and distribution across Asia Pacific. Together, we implemented five Forward Stocking Locations (FSL) in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The RMA and service parts movement are tracked using our in-house system, Vinfiniti, which is fully integrated with our customer’s system. This ensures that we have inventory visibility in all aspects of the supply chain network thus enhancing our control of the inventory and ensuring shipping accuracy.

    We assist in the tracking of the assets at all times along the Reverse Supply Chain, from the point of warranty parts claim (e.g., PCB, LCD & etc.) and return of the defective parts back from the Authorised Service Provider, to the check on the customer-induced damage and dispatch to vendor for repair and transportation back to the Singapore warehouse. All these processes are tracked using our Vinfiniti, which allows for report generation for all processes as and when needed.

    We have expanded our support to include consumer electronics operations and consumer electronics service parts support for local and global customers gaining insightful knowledge of the management of consumer electronics products.

    We are helping to manage the import and export of shipments to our customer’s end customers and providing haulage services in order to provide a one-stop solution to their customers. In addition, we also assist in local distribution, home delivery for the consumer electronics operations with basic installation to the end customer and the provision of roadshow delivery services for dealers. Our support extends to the management of end consumer expectations especially with respect to the home delivery and roadshow experiences.

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  • Case Study 6 : Regional Asset Recovery Services

    Recovering Assets for Value Creation

    Since 2005 we have been providing regional support in Asset Recovery Services to our customer, a prominent name worldwide in the computer hardware and software industry which is also ranked within the Top 20 of the Fortune 500 in 2013.

    Since then, we have extended our reach from Singapore to countries across Asia namely, Thailand, Malaysia Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

    With our technical team and expert skill-set, we help to perform diagnostic test of the equipment that is returned to our respective warehouses. Each process is duly documented in our detailed work in accordance with ISO-certified instructions and processes. We also perform the initial visual and appearance checks before running the diagnostic test.

    As customer’s requests are not fixed and are largely dependent on market trends, we are thus nimble and flexible to respond to the customer's ad-hoc requests.

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  • Case Study 7 : Take a look at what we’ve done

    Our showcase

    We have transformed our print and packaging capabilities to multi-channel visual communication solutions. We have undertaken projects that integrate our capabilities according to the objectives of our customers - to expand into new market, retain existing consumers, and bring brands to the forefront of the marketplace. Let us share with you their stories and ours.

    Celebrating Anniversary... Achieving More

    Meiji Seika (S) Pte Ltd, a renowned Food and Health consumer brand, was celebrating its milestone Anniversary in Singapore.

    Rather than a mere celebratory event, Teckwah Digital Solutions helped conceptualise the Meiji Anniversary with a series of exciting activities throughout the year. These included greeting videos, anniversary website, mobile application, photo-contest, lucky draw, interactive Augmented Reality of their mascot, and more.

    Beyond the celebratory events, we also got involved in Meiji's above-the-line marketing efforts to ensure maximal success for all the endeavours.

    Our desired outcomes for the Meiji Anniversary were several: Build up the Brand's consumer database through innovative campaigns; Deepen engagement with the consumers via key social media platform; and Increase the brand value and product sales with targeted marketing efforts.

    The results achieved were nothing short of outstanding:

    1. Response Rate - 14.1%
    2. Database Increase - 366%
    3. Facebook Likes Increase - 39.4%
    4. App Downloads: 30635


    “We are happy with the results on our Anniversary activities. Teckwah Digital Solutions has created a successful campaign for us. We increased our consumer database many folds through the myriad activities executed. Most of all, we achieved this through an engaging and rewarding campaign with our consumers. We find Teckwah Digital Solutions to be daring and innovative to make things work!”


    Director, Sales & Marketing
    Meiji Seika (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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